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a broken clock does not tell time
Posters, Stickers and Keychain Cards 
11|25|06 - 21:22
I have some stuff that had been sitting in my room since like...last year, and I have no idea what to do with them. And since I was really into anime and manga at that time, of course, most of these things are anime/manga related. Feel free to browse around and if you find something you like, we can talk over it ^_^

1. I ONLY accept carefully concealed cash(USD)
2. My e-mail is yama-kun@myway.com 
3. If you want to talk about it over MSN, add  Narukitsu@hotmail.com or tell my your e-mail so I can add you
4. Leave the item/s you are interested in and your e-mail in your comment
5. I am willing to trade^_^
6. Prices shown DO NOT include shipping
Note: If you want a poster from my wall, they will have 4 little holes in them ^_^;;


Aprox. 57cmx22cm
$5.00 for one
$4.00 for ones with another pic on back
*Only circled ones in first picture and the movie Ed and Al poster are left ^_^




Sukisho one not for sale, sorry ^_^;;


Keychain Cards

Aprox. 9.7cmx6.6cm
Full page of FMA cards(16) for $25SOLD



Sticker Book

Aprox. 25cmx18cm




Aprox. 36.7cmx25.1cm
Most pages contain 30+ stickers
$1.50 each or 5 for $7.00



dun ask me why there's a big fat tenipuri sticker there -_-;;




Part 2~~~~ 
11|29|06 - 04:36 (UTC)
Hi there!

Is your Ed and Roy poster (the one with Roy in glasses) the double sided one that has the blond and white-haired angels on the back?

Also, are the Ragnarok manga/manhwa in English?

Thanks so much!
11|29|06 - 05:05 (UTC)
nope, there's nothing on the back of the poster

and yep, the Ragnarok manwha are in english^_^
12|11|06 - 06:16 (UTC) - Are you still selling stuff?
I am interested in 2 posters and the FMA key chain cards.{full page}.

If you still have them I would like the poster whith Ed holding his arm. The one shown in the photo above. And the poster of Ed,Al,and Roy. And the full page of FMA key chain cards.

If you could e-mail me with a total and place to send the money I would be more then happy.

My e-mail is sunshine_giggles@sbcglobal.net
(Deleted comment)
12|28|06 - 03:44 (UTC)
urr...i'm sorry, but somebody else is interested in it

04|08|07 - 09:59 (UTC)
Hi! I'd like the Hikaru No Go chibis poster & the Comic Magazine June 2005 issue. My zip is 36867 and my E-mail is blixabled@aol.com. Please let me know. Thanks!
04|08|07 - 21:29 (UTC)
it'll be $13 shipped

is that okay?
04|09|07 - 04:10 (UTC)
Sure, that sounds great! Just E-mail me your address. Thanks!
04|11|07 - 08:57 (UTC)
Hi! Please let me know your addy so I can get payment out. Thanks!
04|19|07 - 04:17 (UTC)
I would like the 3 FMA, 1 fruits basket, 1 YYH and the Inu-Yasha sticker sheets please! my email is LotusEyes16@aol.com
04|24|07 - 04:14 (UTC)
sorry for late reply!

that'll be $8 including shipping ^_^
04|24|07 - 04:26 (UTC)
ah, so sorry i have already sold 1 of the FMA

if you would only like 4, it'll be $6 + shipping will be $9

including the total(from your other post) it'll be $14 inlcuding shipping
04|24|07 - 17:36 (UTC)
that's fine (how many stickers could I possibly need haha)

where should I send the money to?
05|11|07 - 04:44 (UTC)
i'm sooo sorry for the late reply!!
livejournal doesn't send emails...

will you only be taking the stickers, or the others too?
05|15|07 - 15:06 (UTC)
I'm sorry! You're right, LJ doesn't send emails.

at any rate, I would like the stickers and the others as well please.
11|10|07 - 01:11 (UTC)
hey i saw your wishlist on mangatude, i have DNAngel DvD complete set R1 and 2 separate dvds from the set if you're interested
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